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stage scene of the theatre play "The Purge" in SLG Celje in the year 2020
international operating finnish theatre company
Logo of "sadsongskomplex:fi" in white and red with transparent background



sadsongskomplex:fi is an internationally operating professional theatre company and an ensemble of independent artists. Founded in 2015, the Helsinki-based ensemble has shot to fame touring several significant international theatre festivals in the last couple of years – among others in Avignon, St. Petersburg, Edinburgh, Novgorod, Brussels, Tbilisi, Maribor and Luxembourg. Focusing on high quality art, our theatre ensemble deliberately avoids having its own venue so as not to be tied to one place, a bit like a cuckoo using the nest of others. The group has premiered many co-productions abroad and there’s more to come. The vision of sadsongskomplex:fi is to build artistic bridges with old and new partners between North and South, East and West.

current shows
poster of theatre play "Ultimo Atto" premiered in Tricesimo, Italy in October 2023



SEASON 2024/2025

Ultimo Atto
stage scene with actress Ana Cvelfar for the play "...and the rest is silence" in Celje 2024


FOR THE SEASON 2024-2025

Vse drugo molk
(...and the rest is silence)

Public Reception

A stage scene of the theatre play Ultimo Atto premiered in Tricesimo / Italy in 2023

Anteprima Ultimo Atto / October 2023 / Italy

"Experience the intense drama of a director's final masterpiece."
"Tapani Mononen and Alessandro Maione shine in their roles, making every moment on stage electrifying."
"Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions in this Faustian drama."
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